Project Protect 

Now, let's teach the children proper sand dune restoration and maintenance at the mouth of the Kenai River... BORING!

Let's have fun!

Kind of fun and
Let's do something about our beaches.

And that's how Project Protect got started. Kids from the Kenai Club saw a need - the mouth of the Kenai River wasn't being maintained. What's a kid to do? Partner with the Kenai Parks & Recreation and the Kenai Watershed Forum, learn what to and what not to do with the sand dunes. OH, and DIG OUT metal grates! (Did ya know there's grates that we're supposed to walk on down there?)

Summer 2004 + 22 kids (don't forget the five seniors that did their class projects) + 2 crazy adult mentors + 2 very patient Parks & Rec guys = one clean mouth of the Kenai River (clap-clap-whistle-whistle)

To learn more about how YOU can help during Project Protect 2005, call the Kenai Club today!

Oh, and P.S: This project could not have happened without the generous grant from the Alaska Community and Economic Development Department - a Learn 'n Serve grant that promotes civic duty projects.



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